What is paleo ?

If you’re curious but don’t want to read the wall of text, the creator of the Pay now live later blog created this little explanatory video.

What is Paleo ? Besides being a historic period also called “the stone age”, defines here a regular diet that is a little closer to the hunters and gatherers one. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to live in a forest and only eat what I catch, the point is to find a good balance between what nature gives us and technology.

If you’ve heard of the paleo diet as in a diet to lose weight, it’s not the subject of this blog. The paleo diet, for me, is another way of eating. I’m not doing this for 22 days with big restrictions. Between us, if you follow the paleo diet on the regular, you can eat delicious foods and you will lose weight naturally if your body needs too.

Let’s come to the point :

The paleo diet is composed of vegetal and animal products, fruits, tuber, seeds and nuts.
This diet provides much more nutrients than the “modern diet” based on grain, antibiotic-boosted animals and dairy products. Although, vitamin D is the only thing the paleo diet doesn’t provide enough, so it’s advised to take supplements if you live in the north or don’t really expose yourself to the sun daily.

Bonus :

I found this image on this great french website and I think it’s a really good one.
If you look for other paleo food pyramids on the internet, there’s some where animal products are the base of it. I like the vegetables version better because them alone can give us all the nutrients we need and an excessive consummation of meat (especially red meat) can lead to health problems.

Food pyramid found on this really good article about meat in paleo. Sadly it’s only in french :/