I created this blog to share my recipes and my evolution in the paleo diet.

I developed an interest for cooking around four years ago when I realized I couldn’t spend my life eating packaged and frozen food. So I started reading books, looked for recipes about the french fries/oven pizza level. I already knew I liked spicy food but my love for spices really grew while I learned to cook… their taste and color let me change flavors of “basic food”.

In 2015, I discovered the paleo diet while I was looking for losing weight diets. The concept really struck with me, I looked a little further into it and found out people for whom it was a regular diet. Before I made the leap, I spent months researching and reading, while doing a smooth transition with semi-paleo food and the discovery of the vegetables world.

The biggest challenge was swapping the grain for vegetables. I was never a vegetable-eater growing up and I was really surprised that I could base my diet on them. After some weeks, I couldn’t bare the super sweet flavor of industrial fruit juices and the like. I discovered authentic tastes and I prefer to buy local produce, bio when it makes sense and most of all : respect and quality of the products I buy (meat and produce).

I hope that I can bring you some delicious and healthy recipes, that you’ll love even if you don’t eat paleo or don’t know what it means !

Welcome to the Spice Paleo Up blog.