Paleo Sunday pancakes


Since we eat paleo, I got used to make this pancakes on sunday morning. No flour here, there’s two base ingredients : bananas and eggs.

There’s a lot of banana-egg pancakes out there, I can’t even remember the first blog where I saw this recipe but I think the OG is Mark Sisson. He does his pancakes with 2 bananas for 1 egg and almond butter.

After several tries, I’ve been doing this version for a few sundays. I like this one because it’s simple and I always have these ingredients at hand. Don’t hesitate to make your own changes !
This recipe also works in it’s simplest state : 1:1 banana-egg, a pinch of salt and here we go !


Paleo sunday pancakes

Preparation time : 5min
Cooking time : 3-5min per pancake

Ingredients for about 6 little pancakes :

  • 2 riped bananes (also works with fresh bananas)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1-2 tbps coconut flour
  • 1-2 tbps maple syrup
  • cinnamon per taste (I put quite a lot in it)
  • a pinch of salt
  • a pinch of sodium bicarbonate

Preparation :

  • In a bowl, smash the bananas until you get the texture you want (I like to leave a few chunks of banana for a more homemade feel)
  • Add the eggs, mix well together. Add the coconut flour and the maple syrup. Mix together.
  • Finally, add the pinch of salt, the sodium bicarbonate and the cinnamon.
  • Put coconut oil (or another good grease) in a heating pan.
  • Pour a little bit of dough and decrease the heat. The pancakes have to cook slowly for a successful flip !

Pour some maple syrup on the pancakes when finished. You can also add some fruits, here I used some acidulate apples for flavor balance !
I always break a few while flipping them but it doesn’t take anything on their flavor 🙂

Bon appétit and happy sunday !


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